Building a solution - any solution - requires the right technology and the right people. To help you build a solution the best way possible, Ciocene offers a number of services. To be able to find the best way, we focus on understanding our clients need.

Solution Design

A well designed solution will allow you to easily harness its full potential. Understanding your goal and designing a fitting AI driven solution to match it, is the core of Ciocene.

Say, for example, you want to design a solution to automatically validate a certain type of incoming requests. Those requests are detailed, but essentially freeform as a simple form just won’t do. The sheer amount of requests is currently overwhelming your employees.

We at Ciocene set out to understand your process, your people driving it and the data involved in it. This is achieved by requirement engineering workshops with your people and by analyzing your systems on a technical level.

The summary of this effort is a first draft of the solution. This draft allows us to get your feedback - especially those of your users - by providing insights on the following key factors:

  • User interaction and benefits
  • Integration and interfaces with and to your environment
  • How and where to break the solution into individual elements - domains - to ease building, operating and extending it
  • Key success factors of the solution and how to measure them

A draft for the initially described scenario highlights how AI can act as an assistant to your users, to let them focus on the more complex cases. It describes how to train and integrate the AI and how to verify that it properly validates the requests.

Individual domains are approached in the same way. Breaking down the solution design into iterations allows us to keep you in the loop and the solution on target. Even more important, the actual build process starts very early to quickly provide you with actual benefits.

Artificial Intelligence Expertise

Application of artificial intelligence (AI) in business processes allows you to fully leverage the potential of your business. We at Ciocene assist you to identify uses of AI for your business.

As an example, extending the capabilities of your customer care system is a use case where we can help identify benefits of AI systems. Customer care collects a lot of data regarding customer needs, issues and requests. Your goal is to use AI to better understand your customers’ habits and preferences by analyzing this data.

We at Ciocene will evaluate available data and how best to analyze it. The summary of this analysis will provide you with the following information:

  • Best usage of AI for your use case
  • Insights generated by the AI system
  • Validation of AI results
  • How to reliably and continuously improve your AI

For the customer care system, we provide detailed information where and how to use AI and what is needed to build and maintain it. Most important is the understanding of the benefits provided by the AI.

AI designed in this way adapts to the needs of the business using it. This happens in a reliable and transparent manner so that the AI will stay useful.

Artificial Intelligence Expertise

Project Management

A successful project is all about people and their interactions. We at Ciocene are keenly aware that efficient and transparent exchange between project members and stakeholders is a key success factor for any project.

Introducing an AI assistant to analyze large volumes of data is an example where proper project management is one of the key success factors. The people using the solution need to be involved to maximize their benefit. A proper timeline needs to be established to synchronize efforts with other teams and stakeholders - especially if anything needs to change.

The project plan is established while designing the solution. Like the solution design, the project plan is broken down into small, iterative steps. It will be in the form of a backlog, containing the following information:

  • Relationships and dependencies of individual modules
  • Provisions required by third parties
  • Complexity of individual modules
  • Priority of modules as defined by the requirements and dependencies

In the case of the AI assistant, the backlog describes which solution capabilities will be built first. It also describes which systems need to be integrated and when. And it provides a clear outline of when and how we can start to involve the users - to get feedback, but also to train them.

The plan evolves over time. But everything happens transparently as you and your stakeholders are in the loop all the time. Whether you need to add or remove something - the plan adjusts to your needs.

Strategic Advice

Any modern business runs on top of a complex landscape of interconnected IT systems. We at Ciocene excel at the skill to understand, alter and evolve complex IT systems according to the needs of the business.

A very common scenario is to replace or upgrade an existing landscape where multiple legacy solutions are used to manage a business process. Interconnectivity is partially realized but not very robust. Further integration is mandatory to increase transparency of what is actually happening - and to increase the robustness of the process.

We at Ciocene analyse the landscape by mapping the process onto it. This allows us to understand the landscapes key elements (Domains) and how they interact. Once everything is understood, we provide you with the following information:

  • Business domains of the landscape and their respective components
  • Interaction and boundaries between business domains
  • Advice how to evolve, replace or simplify each domain
  • Strategic advice on how to manage your domains in a lean and effective way

For the business process described earlier, we advice on how to separate the present domains from each other without interrupting operations. We also provide advice for each individual domain on how to best evolve it, according to your needs.

Understanding the moving parts of your IT-landscape and how they relate to your processes - the core of your business - allows you to keep flexible while evolving the landscape along your business.

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