We are building the thinking company

The application of Artificial Intelligence in business processes will change how we do business forever - and will empower people to focus on the task at hand

All your data, anywhere, anytime

AI data manager will give you full and transparent access to your data. Data will be comprehensive, simple to use and available when and where it is needed.

It will be like having a tireless co-worker who keeps everything organized and always knows where to look for the right information. Give it a word and it will fetch everything you need to proceed with your tasks.

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Clear Tasks, seamlessly connected

Processes will become flexible and adaptive but also very focused.

This will be achieved by introducing AI clerks into the workforce. These new colleagues will assist you during each step of your tasks and provide insights and hints wherever needed.

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Focus, made possible by delegation

Get your mind free to focus on what you need to do. Your AI assistant will handle the minuscule details like researches or recurring tasks. On top of that it will notify you of important events - but only when and how you want it, so that your concentration isn’t broken.

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Prepare for the future, be flexible

Change is inevitable. But shaping it is possible. An AI consultant will help you discover possible ways into the future by understanding the past and predicting the future. Be it to simply become better in what you’re doing - or by discovering completely new possibilities.

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The thinking company has many pieces.
We assist you in building your thinking company with the right tools in a simple and efficient way.

Solution Design

Any good solution is easily usable, adapts quickly to business needs while being simple and easy to operate. Designing such a solution requires business people and IT operators to focus on a common goal while applying available technology. We at Ciocene are experts at defining the path to your goal by combining your requirements with available technology.

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Artificial Intelligence Expertise

We use cutting edge methods to develop perfectly fitting solutions for your use case. We have extensive knowledge in the fields of data and document analysis, computer based automation, simulation, statistical methods, automated model building and validation.

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Project Management

We support your projects under consideration of individual boundary conditions, cost-benefit factor and KPIs. Our standards are transparency, efficiency and customer satisfaction at maximum quality. We achieve this by guiding you from the idea to the launch of the solution.

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Strategic Advice

We offer independent analysis of your market orientation and advise you regarding future technological and sociological chances as well as strategic alignment. We develop and plan new business models and support transformation or change of current ones.

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Start building your thinking company. Now. Together!